Where H.O.P.E. Becomes Reality

The Home Of Photobiomodulation Excellence utilizes cold laser therapy (LLLT) to effectively treat patients. Photobiomodulation is non-invasive with no side effects, making painless and successful treatment the cornerstone of our facility. These new ground breaking treatments progressed with the experience of Tonie Chicchi and Adele Lukachek. Implementing 23 years of knowledge and a vast case load of patients, makes HOPE one of the most premiere health care facilities in the Lehigh Valley. Ms. Chicchi, who is studying for her master’s degree in Sports Medicine and on to her PhD, has been contributing to a growing body of research and protocols in the field.

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Our Professionals

  • Tonie Chicchi, BS, MRT

    President // Certified Laser Technician

  • Adele Lukachek

    Vice President // Certified Laser Technician

  • Kimberly Beattie

    Vice President // Public Relations & Marketing