Photobiomodulation (PBM) is the use of light to stimulate cells. The stimulation assists our cells to function more efficiently, repair cells when they are damaged from free radicals, and replace new cells when they die.

Other countries around the world are utilizing Photobiomodulation. In other countries they are experiencing amazing results in treating a number of conditions. Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, TBI, Concussion and almost all neurological conditions have been treated successfully. There are numerous studies that support the use of cold lasers for ADHD, Autism, Arthritis, chronic pain and sports injury. The United States is doing research at Harvard as well as numerous laser companies to move forward the use of Photobiomodulation.

One of the most followed and revered research sources is our government website the National Institute of Health. This site publishes research with the most stringent guidelines for ethical and accurate findings in the field of medicine. This NIH site is available to the public and many papers are available for you to do your own research on Photobiomodulation. There are numerous other websites that offer studies on Photobiomodulation.

Tonie Chicchi, MS, MRT

Tonie has been a therapist for over 25 years. Her trademarked patent pending therapy; Muscle Recovery helps pain, injury and many chronic conditions.  She is continuing her education and is working toward her PHD in Sports Medicine. Tonie's experience encompasses professional NFL, and Olympic athletes, Professional NBA, and was present assisting athletes at the 2012 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. She currently has a patent pending protocol for concussion.

Adele Lukachek

As VP of H.O.P.E., culminating 40 years experience of serving the wellness of individuals; her true joy is seeing people through their struggles and triumphs.  She continues this “hands on” care through this next phase of development with HOPE’s advanced laser therapy. Once again, this technology offering many a answer to a host of ailments, injuries and long endured deficits becomes another service realized in her journey.

Advanced Pain Management

We can help you live a more productive pain-free life. Our cold laser treatment coupled with MR and specially written Protocols assist the body in recovery.

Pre and Post Surgery Treatment

The HOPE protocol can help limit your inflammation, manage your pain with less narcotic use and lessen scar tissue while increasing your healing response.


The use of cold lasers or PBM has been used for over 50 years and has a host of research concerning its ability to address inflammation and capillary dilation increasing blood flow.

Tendonitis / Bursitis Treatment

We use Muscle Recovery, an aggressive hands on therapy, to prepare the tissue for Photobiomodulation. We are capable of reducing inflammation and encourage ATP to support quicker healing. Tendons can heal in half the time as traditional therapies.

Stroke Treatment and Recovery

Photobiomodulation can help increase ATP production in the mitochondria of the cell, slow down excitotoxicity; inhibit neuronal apoptosis and unregulate protective factors while minimizing inflammation this can help limit secondary injury when a stroke occurs.

Sports Injuries

HOPE uses Photobiomodulation to increase mitochondrial ATP, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow encouraging our body to heal much faster. This non-invasive, painless treatment has no side effects and is only available at HOPE. When faced with injury put HOPE above all.

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